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All candidates will have the right drive and mind-set to represent your company with the utmost competence and professionalism when you choose Essig Enterprises LLC for employee recruitment.

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Several informative training courses and workshops are available that help your new employees develop, as well as become more loyal and profitable assets to the team at your car dealership.

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The three rings in our company logo embodies a significant bond to a long-term relationship. The left ring represents our Dealerships, the right ring is our highly qualified candidates and the middle ring is our company. It is at this point where “Excellence Meets Opportunity”. Our mission in this relationship is to bring our dealerships together with highly qualified candidates that will represent them with passion and professionalism with the result being a positive impact to their bottom line. It is our strong nationwide presence that has, and will continue to prove our commitment to cultivating and motivating our dealership’s employees with the best next level training that is second to none in our industry.

To increase the productivity of your car dealership, contact our employment agency today.