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Targeted Training Courses Related to the Auto Industry

At Essig Enterprises LLC, I have found that one of the highest rated factors in employee retention and satisfaction is the opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. This is rated higher than salary, culture, and distance. I not only provide the best inclusive recruiting programs available today, but the best motivational training courses that put future hires on a path to a successful career in the auto industry.

The programs offered by Essig Enterprises LLC are designed for small car lots that sell 10 cars a month, to dealerships that sell over 1,000 cars a month. My initial training provides employees with the knowledge, but more importantly the confidence to deal with the unexpected. Campaigns are customized to fit your needs and most importantly your budget.

Training Modules

Essig Enterprises LLC is on the cutting edge of the automotive industry and work with related experts to bring our clients the best and most up-to-date training and workshop programs. Just a few of the topics discussed include:

• Sales Training
• Service Workshops
• Effective Phone Skills
• Internet Sales Processes
• Business Development Center (BDC)
• Goal Setting
• Cold Calling/Networking
• Social Media

Real World Applications
My agents train employees with “real world” applications that give them specific processes and powerful word tracks that separate them from your competition. What you can expect out of my next level training includes:

• Prospecting (Your Hires Will Understand the Customer Walking through the Door Is Plus Business)
• Sales Process (the Road to the Sale — Not Doing This Is Not an Option)
• Servicing the Customer through the Sales Process
• Handling Today's Buyer in the Internet Age
• Handling the Phone (How to Sell Appointments, Not Cars, on the Phone)
• Social Media (How to Maximize on the Network They Have Already Built)
• Following up and Specific Strategies That Work

Handing Over Keys

Video Role Playing
Seeing and hearing yourself greet the customer is an effective training process. Video Role Playing has been proven a difference maker when it comes to the employees seeing visual and audio habits that they would have never recognized without the video playback. I even take the role-playing through the fact-finding stage of the customer.

Contact my employment agency if you have questions about employee training.